UKG Phonetics English Activities:

UKG Phonetic App is an ultimate English pronunciation aid for both students and teachers.This Pronunciation App helps you study, practise andlay pronunciation Wherever, you are. This apps is a perfect way to build the skills that teachers say are most important for pre-school kids which makes the process of learning and teaching a lot easier and more fun for everyone. Unique feature in this app like Game Zone make this app both: informative as well as interactive.
New Release description
The key skill in phonics is to learn the letters and the sounds they make and how to put them together to make and read simple words. Phonics apps are a great way for young learners to practice phonics lessons. Help your little ones practising the alphabetic principle and reading with this app. There 10 interactivities in this app.
1. 3 letter words with vowel 'a'
2. 3 letter words with vowel 'e'
3. 3 letter words with vowel 'i'
4. 3 letter words with vowel 'o'
5. 3 letter words with vowel 'u'