UKG Hindi Educational Activities App:

UKG Hindi Educational App is an easy and fun way to learn Hindi words (2-letter, 3-letter and 4-letter words) with pictures. Proper usage of Matra along with hindi alphabets makes learning Hindiwords a simple and joyous experience for both: young learners and first time learners.Fruit names, vegetable names and transport means name and pets names make this app an interactive way of learning for your loved one.
Preschooler kids will surely enjoy the learning and writing of Hindi words with this creative Learning app.
Following are the interesting activities in this Learning app: 1. Praram bhik Shabd Khojen
2. Shabd Rachna
3. Matra Mail
4. Shabd Rachna Matrake Sang
5. Sabji, Phal We Yatayat Ke Saadhan