UKG English Grammar Activities:

UKG English Grammar App is an easy and fun way to learnuse of basic words (This - That, and, on, under, action words) and much more. This Learning app doesn't have the serious looks of books but have some entertaining way to make children to study. This app helps children to enhance reading skills by 'Conversation Reading.'
Interesting features of this Learning app are This app is in both modes : Informative as well as Interactive. Informative mode is for clearing basic concepts and interactive mode is for practice of concepts.
New Release description
Grammar is the basis of all written and spoken English. Core words are used most often in reading and writing. When grammar is presented in a fun and interactive way, it becomes a really fun part of English language learning. Preschooler kids will surely enjoy the learning and writing of usage of core words. This app consists of following activities

1) Usage of He/ She
2) Usage of This/That
3) Usage of in/on/ under
4) Usage of a/ an
5) Usage of Yes/ No
6) Rhyming words
7) Opposites
8) One / Many
9) Action Words
10.) Conversation Reading