LKG Math Activities App:

Preschoolers need lots of practice identifying their numbers and counting with one-to-one correspondence. Math skills are so important and finding playful and engaging ways to teach those skills to preschoolers is crucial.

What's New in This App
Number activities for LKG are a combination of 8 different activities
1. Pre-number concept
2. Drawing shapes
3. Number Identification
4. Number and Numeration
5. Pictorial Addition
6. Days of a Week
7. Drawing Numbers (0-9)
8. Pictorial addition and Shapes.

These activities can be easily adapted to the suit the individual ability and needs of the child which promote the learning of number recognition, counting and the value of 'how many' each number is.Children will be benefitted with these activities in various ways
Interesting features of this Learning app are

  • Fine Motor Development
  • Better Hand-eye Coordination and Control
  • Improved Concentration
  • Spatial awareness- experimenting with shape, colour and space.