LKG Hindi Activities App:

LKG Hindi Educational App is an easy and fun way to learn Hindi Vowels (Swar) and Consonants (Vyanjan) with pictures. This Hindi Learning app makes learning Hindi alphabets a simple and joyous experience for both, young learners and first time learners.

What's New in This App
Preschooler kids will surely enjoy the learning and writing of Hindi consonants with this creative Learning app.Your kids will find it as a game and they will study too.
Interesting features of this Learning app are

  • Kids understand and practice reading and writing Hindi Consonants and Vowels by filling colours in outlines and finding similar alphabets
  • Interesting picture puzzle related to each Hindi letters
  • Previous and next buttons for easy navigation
  • App contains voice and an example image for each Hindi letter.
  • Fun way and interactive activities like arranging the letters in correct order, match the columns related to Hindi letter and its image.