About the Group

Primarily, the group's focus lies in providing education using breakthrough technologies through a number of institutions.

  RG Createx Private Limited:

  • First website that allowed teachers and learners to create and share customised study materials.
  • Developed educational technologies which created highly interactive online platform for kids from Grades Kindergarten to V.

  • To create and support the best educational technology possible with a blend of ancient wisdom and traditional values in teaching.
  • To keep kids engaged in playing and learning
  • Digitization and modernization of education

  • To accelerate the learning outcomes in an engaging way.
  • To provides an interactive learning journey for children.
  • To establish the values that will allow children to act with thoughtfulness in society.
  • To ensure that children feel safe and secure in our care.

Behind The Scene:

We are proud to have a proficient and focused team of professionals that believes in and follows the driving principles of our production studio to the letter.

Artists and Illustrators

These are the people who bring every creative idea to reality giving it a tangible shape. Their par-excellence understanding of the worded ideas, lays the foundation for our final product.

Young, enthusiastic and creative our team of artists is experienced in dealing with all types and styles of art and illustrations, ranging from the simplest of sketches, to life like cartoons, landscapes, pictures, photographs and even abstract designing. Despite their strong individual talents, they also possess the unique quality of adapting to tailor-made, client specific requirements and help us deliver the best.

Editorial Team

Our flawless books, the ideas, and well-worded content is the handy-work of a small, yet professional, team of editors, sub-editors, content managers, creative writers as well as content experts. We have separate, specialized teams, managing the fiction and non-fiction book segments. It is easy to trust them with all your content and quality needs in the children's books segment. For, not only do they know their jobs well, but also have an eye for detail and perfection.

Also assisting the Editorial team are some of the industry's best freelancers. Their years of experience and skills in the field make them masters of their work, giving us the best quality products.

Graphic Designing

Our team of graphic designers comprises of expert visualizes, designers, and layout artists whose skillful work transforms our books and makes them bright, attractive and eye-catching perfect for kids. Their creativity, in-depth technical knowledge and command over the various designing softwares, is unmatched. You can rely upon them to always bring the latest and best selling work to the table and create for you, the perfect books both in terms of quality and visual appeal.

Supporting the designers in their jobs is a small team of visualizes and flash programmers, who are expert in 2D animations, and help us create an array of interactive games, puzzles and story CDs.

Administrative Support

We are proud of the unending support of all our administrative executives. Their professionalism and dedication to take this organization to the top is inspiring. We happily acknowledge the contributions of our marketing and sales department, the finance and accounts section, system administrators and all field executives. They have been the pillar of strength and it is due to their efficient and smooth working that we are able to meet all targets in time, delivering to our customers the best in the field.